Diagnostics is one of the most misunderstood processes in automotive repair. The perception is there is a magical “Diagnostic Machine” we attach to your vehicle and the solution to your problem is produced out of the “Machine”. In reality diagnostics is a procedure to systematically use test equipment and information systems to determine the cause of a vehicle’s ailment.

The testing tools, information systems, and technician knowledge requires a commitment to training and equipment expenditures. Glenwood Auto Service has made and continues to make that commitment.

Air Bag Systems

We service Air Bag Systems (drivers, passenger, side curtain, and side impact), safety, and restraint systems. Complete coverage on all domestic and import vehicles.

Antilock Brake Systems (ABS)

We service Antilock Brake systems and Traction Control systems. Complete capabilities on all domestic and import vehicles.

Check Engine Light

“CHECK ENGINE LIGHT”, “SERVICE ENGINE SOON”, commonly referred to as a malfunction indicator light (MIL) by the manufacturer. These warning lights indicate that an error was logged in the computer system that controls a vehicle system. Severity of the problem is not always obvious to the driver. Errors that illuminate the MIL light can change the operation of the computer system. A fuel efficiency decline, unusual transmission operation, or component damage can be a result of inattention to the MIL light.

We take pride in our ability to offer complete diagnostic capability on all domestic and import vehicles.

Driver Climate Control

Driver comfort through air conditioning or heating the passenger compartment air, both automatically controlled and manual controlled systems.

Driver Optional Equipment

Power and manual windows, cruise control, power seat controls and heaters, power antenna, windshield wipers and washers, and other accessory equipment.

Electrical Systems

Electrical system diagnosis, charging, starting, battery, lighting and electrical accessories

Engine Cooling Systems

Cooling system leaks, overheating, cooling fan controls.

Engine Drivability

My car shakes when I’m at a stop sign. When I push on the gas it doesn’t go…These complaints are examples of some of the “Drivability” problems you might experience.

We will find the cause of your drivability complaints. Be it a problem in the fuel system, ignition system, engine controls, emission system, induction system…we can identify and make the repairs needed.

Transmission Filter & Fluid

A transmission filter’s purpose is to stop the flow of harmful debris before it reaches the internal components of the transmission. Over time debris accumulates in the filter causing it to become plugged and therefore reducing its effectiveness.

Your transmission filter and fluid should be changed together on a regular basis.

Simply changing the filter, without doing a flush, leaves anywhere from 30% to 50% of the old fluid in the transmission which prematurely reduces the effectiveness of the new filter.

In addition, the old fluid does not lubricate as effectively as the new fluid, thereby causing premature wear to the internal moving transmission components.

We recommend that you service and flush your transmission every 40,000km or every two years.

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