Mon - Thu: 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM Fri: 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM(Closed Friday afternoons going forward)

Can I drop off my vehicle in the evening or early morning?

Yes, if you are not available during our regular hours of operation, we have an after hours key drop slot for when you want to drop off your vehicle during non-business hours. Please leave information on our answering machine.

If I pick up my vehicle after hours, how can I pay for my vehicle?

If you are not available during our regular hours of operation, we can process your payment over the phone via credit card. At your request we can then park your vehicle outside so that you may pick it up at your convenience.

My vehicle won't start. Are you able to tow my vehicle to your shop?

We do not tow vehicles, but we can arrange towing for you.

How long will it take to repair or service my vehicle?

We try to service vehicles the same day they are brought in unless, there is a problem receiving the parts or the repairs are major and time consuming. Remember that to keep things moving along, it is imperative that we be able to reach you during the day.

Will I have to schedule an appointment or can I just walk in?

It is preferable that you schedule an appointment for your repair or service. However, we will try to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible.

I am looking to buy another car. Do you offer a pre-purchase inspection?

Yes, we have a very thorough inspection. Our inspection checklist covers every component from front to rear.

Do I have to have my vehicle serviced at the Dealer per my warranty?

Absolutely not. To keep your warranty in effect, you must do at a minimum the maintenance prescribed in the owners manual and keep records that the service was done at the appropriate time. Any competent facility can perform this service using any brand name quality parts.

I do not have the owner's manual for my vehicle, where can I get one?

The owner’s manual is part of the vehicle and should be kept with it at all times. If you have lost your owner’s manual or one did not come with the vehicle when you bought it, we can order one for you or you can order it directly from the publisher.

Does it matter where I get my oil changed or if I do it myself?

It depends on the quality of the work. Though people think of an oil change as simple or trivial, it requires great care and attention to detail. One seemingly simple mistake can cause costly damage to your vehicle. If you change your own oil you will also be responsible for disposing of your waste oil, which can be a hassle.

How often should I change my oil?

To maximize engine life, we recommend that you change your oil every 3, 500 km (or every four months, whichever comes first).

I don't see my question, how can I get in contact with you?

All of our contact information is available here.