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Getting Your Truck Ready for Summer towing


Staying on top of regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running better for longer. Glenwood Auto are Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair Experts, and we're ready to help you with all your maintenance needs. In our latest  Saskatoon auto tip we share tips on getting your truck ready for lake life! 

It’s been a long cold winter here in Saskatoon, but with the arrival of warm spring weather, the minds of many truck owners goes to trips pulling the boat out to the lake. 

After lake season your truck may have gone for a long winter’s nap as you switch to a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle or you may use it all year. Either way, chances are your truck is definitely due for some spring cleaning and preventive maintenance. Letting it sit dormant for too long or not taking care to do ongoing maintenance is one of the worst things you can do to a vehicle.

Here are the 5 things to prepare for the towing days of summer:

Drive Line: Since pulling a boat trailer on a hot summer day puts extra demand on the drive line components, you can start with changing out the front and rear differential fluids.  Then drain the transfer case fluid and replaced it gear lubricant ideally suited for transfer cases.

Engine: Next up is a powerful engine cleaner and deposit remover. After changing the oil, you may want to treat the new oil with additional items to supplement and fortify the oil. 


Brakes: When towing a heavy load, braking is extremely important, so make sure that  brakes are in top condition. Change the brake fluid to maximize brake fluid performance.


Cooling System: Towing on a hot summer day while running the A/C is taxing on an engine, so it’s imperative that the cooling system is serviced as well. A Universal Cooling System Cleaner removes corrosion byproducts from the existing coolant. Then, exchange the old dirty coolant with new fresh coolant. That way, your engine will receive full protection from intense summer conditions.  

Engine Air Filter: The last item on the list is to replace the engine air filter. That’s when you may find a bird that has decided to turn your air box into a birdhouse!


Taking care of these things in Spring allows you to focus on enjoying time at the lake. Because the last you want to do when it’s 80 degrees and sunny is deal with an overheated engine,  spongy brakes, or a brood of cute little chicks nestled in your air box. If you want a quote on any or all of these servcies - give us a call! 



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