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Dealing with Negativity Online. 

In any business, you can't satisfy everyone 100% of the time. Although this is a fact, at Glenwood Auto Service in Saskatoon, SK, we like to explain ourselves when customers aren't satisfied. This is so they can get a different perspective, and hopefully, everyone can learn and grow from the experience. The review below was left on our Glenwood Facebook page  recently, and owner Rob took the time to thoroughly respond:  

"My sister took her car here for a power steering leak, they said they needed to pressure test the power steering system to find the leak. They charged a full hour at their absolutely ridiculously high shop rate when it should have only taken 15 minutes to look and see what hose is wet and leaking (not rocket science). The bill came out to be $200 more than what other shops said it would be. When I went with my sister to pick up the car and ask why the price was so high the owner (Rob) was very rude and talked down to me like I didn't have a clue what I was talking about. He kept trying to say they charge so much because of the "warranty" they give. But other shops could replace the same line twice for the price they charged. After I told Rob that neither my sister or myself would be back there for service he didn't care. Some business owner he is if he doesn't care about his customers. At Glenwood Auto, they will do anything they can to jack up the price of the repairs your vehicle needs and be ignorant and rude. Wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy. TERRIBLE SERVICE."

Owner Rob Scott's Response:

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our business.

When your sister's power steering hose ruptured, it was under a lot of pressure and it spewed power steering fluid all over a large area under the engine. The diagnostic process included time for us to de-grease the area, add power steering fluid, and perform a pressure test to be 100% sure of the origin of the leak. The power steering pressure hose is what was leaking, other possibilities (and in close proximity to this hose) are the power steering return lines, the rack & pinion, and the power steering pump. When we do a diagnostic on your vehicle, as professionals, we must be accurate with our diagnostics, and everything in that system is looked at and examined as well. Our reputation is on the line, every time we work on your vehicle. I would much rather receive a one-star review for being more expensive, then for being incompetent and missing something, therefore leaving your sister on the side of the road 2-4 hours later with another power steering issue.

When phoning other shops for prices, especially in a weak economy, it is always easy to quote an inexpensive price over the phone without even seeing the vehicle. Unfortunately, a phone quote is a "guesstimate" (You have no other option but to guess, as you have not visually inspected the vehicle or the vehicle problem), and does not include any diagnostic time to accurately determine the origin of the leak. I'm sure if I spent the time, I could phone around and find someone who would be $300 less expensive than we are over the phone. The reality is usually different when actually seeing the vehicle in the shop. We know we are not the least expensive shop in Saskatoon, and DO NOT want to be. We invest heavily in diagnostic training and Original Equipment Manufacturer Diagnostic equipment and tools that, unfortunately, most others do not. If "inexpensive" or "cheap" vehicle repairs are of major importance to you, we are most likely not your repair shop. If a guaranteed 3 YEAR/60,000km Nationwide Warranty (in writing on your invoice) is important to you, and you only want the highest quality parts and labour possible, then we would be happy to look after you. We also offer ONE YEAR OF COMPLIMENTARY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE every time you visit us. This roadside assistance may be used as many times as you like for one whole year after your last visit and can be used anywhere in North America. Also, our 3 YEAR NATIONWIDE WARRANTY IS VALID ANYWHERE IN NORTH AMERICA. We offer quality parts and repairs you can TRUST, as our client's safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we back it with an exceptional warranty!

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