Glenwood Auto Service Shares Diesel Maintenance Tips

Staying on top of regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running better for longer. Glenwood Auto are Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair Experts, and we're ready to help you with all your maintenance needs. In our latest Saskatoon auto tip, we share some diesel maintenance tips.

Critical Diesel Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is absolutely imperative if you want a diesel engine to last, and every diesel owner will probably encounter some pitfalls and problems. Although diesel engines require no ignition tune-ups and tend to last longer without major repairs than gasoline engines, they do require regular low-cost maintenance, mostly in the form of frequent oil and filter changes.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your diesel engine clean is very important for its preservation. The easiest way to damage your diesel’s components is to allow dirt and grime to exist freely. The performance will be compromised when the cleanliness of your diesel is overlooked, and the road-life will be shortened. The three areas that cleanliness is most vital is in the diesel’s clean fuel, clean oil, and clean air.

1. Clean Fuel Filters 

Fuel filters should be replaced on a routine maintenance schedule, approximately every 10-15K kilometres. Most newer diesel engines will have two fuel filters, a primary and a secondary. They should both be replaced at the same time for optimal cleaning, and this should be done at approximately 15K kilometres.

2. Clean Oil

Your diesel engine’s oil changes should be every 5-7K kilometers or so. It may need a shorter interval depending on how you’re using your diesel engine. If your diesel engine is used for hard-driving and towing then it becomes necessary to change oil more frequently.

3. Clean Air

The air filter should be inspected and replaced as needed. They can actually be checked without removing the air filter, and then brought in for replacement. Depending on the climate and environment that you’re driving in, the air filters may need to be closely monitored. Protect your engine by making sure the air filters remain clean and effective.

Keep It Cool

Your diesel engine’s coolant is one of its most important maintenance needs. Coolant should continually be monitored because it will become more acidic over time. If it’s allowed to remain acidic it can rot out other parts in the vehicle’s cooling system like the radiator. Take the time to have the coolant checked and flushed on an appropriate schedule. Acidity levels can even be tested to let you know where you stand.

Glenwood Auto are Diesel Repair Experts

Our experienced and high-trained technicians can help keep your diesel running smoothly. If you need diesel service you can trust, book an appointment today.