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Glenwood Auto Service tip on how to Check Engine Oil

How to check engine oil

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How to Check engine oil

Check engine oil regularly, especially if you notice that the oil level drops between the oil changes. Engine oil cools down and lubricates the engine. Driving with very low oil level can cause engine problems.

Checking engine oil

Park your vehicle on a level ground. Set the parking brake. Make sure the transmission is in "Park." Stop the engine. Wait for a minute or two to let engine oil drain into the oil pan. Pull the engine oil dipstick. If you don't know where is it located, check your owner's manual, usually it has a bright handle saying "Engine Oil".

Checking engine oil

Wipe the dipstick off. Insert it back fully. Pull it out again and check the oil level.

Checking engine oil

The oil level should be between the "Low" and "Full" marks. In this photo the level is OK and oil looks clean.

Oil condition

Check the oil condition: If it's way too black, as in the left photo, it's definitely time to change it. If it's brown, but still clean and transparent, as in the right photo, it's OK. If oil looks clean, but the level is low, you can just top it up.

Low oil level

In this car, the oil level is below the "Low" mark. Driving with low oil level like this can damage your engine.

Oil type

To top up engine oil use a recommended type of oil; for example, if your owner's manual or the oil filler cap indicates SAE 5W-20, use SAE 5W-20 oil. If your engine needs synthetic oil, use only synthetic oil. You can find the recommended oil type for your car in your owner's manual.

Top up engine oil

How to top up engine oil:
Add a small amount of oil into the oil filler neck. Wait for a couple of minutes to let oil to flow into the oil pan. Check the oil level again with the dipstick. If it's still low, add some more. But don't overfill it. Don't forget to install the dipstick back and close the oil filler cap when you are done.


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