Seasonal Inspections are on SALE!!!

Regular seasonal inspection of your vehicle’s major operating systems, are the best way to reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

If you haven’t had one completed within the last year, now is the time!

Until October 15th, 2014 we are offering all of our amazing customers, the opportunity to take advantage of 15% off all seasonal inspections! (Does NOT include SGI inspections)

Cars/Mini-Vans …..Reg. $99.95 on sale for $84.95 + Tax

Light truck/SUV’s/Full size vans …. Reg. $129.95 on sale for $114.95 + Tax

3/4 Ton truck or larger ….Reg. $159.95 on sale for $144.95 + Tax

Give Glenwood Auto a call today to schedule your vehicle in.