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The Importance Of An Oil Change



Staying on top of regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running better for longer. Glenwood Auto are Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair Experts, and we're ready to help you with all your maintenance needs. In our latest Saskatoon auto tip we share info on the importance of an oil change.



Importance of Oil Changes 

As part of its efforts to educate motorists about the importance of preventative vehicle maintenance, the Car Care Council released the video above “It’s Time for an Oil Change.”

  • Why – Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine and changing the oil keeps the engine clean.
  • When – The video suggests checking the vehicle’s owner’s manual for recommended oil change intervals.
  • Where – An oil change performed by a professional technician 

“Performing oil changes at the routine intervals outlined in the owner’s manual is one of the least expensive, yet effective, ways to keep an engine running at peak performance and extend the life of the vehicle,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.

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