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Vehicle Cost-Saving Tips from Glenwood Auto - Extending the Life of Your Vehicle

Staying on top of regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running better for longer. Glenwood Auto are Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair Experts, and we're ready to help you with all your maintenance needs.

Cost-Saving Auto Maintenance Tips

Are you spending more on your car than you should be?
Though it may be hard to believe, investing in regular preventative maintenance can help save you money in the long run by improving your fuel economy, allowing you to drive your vehicle longer, and help you avoid expensive repairs. In some cases, failing to maintain your car can also affect its mechanical integrity and lead to an accident with costs to repair the damage and pay increased insurance premiums. Any injuries as a result of the accident can also take their toll on your wallet if they require special treatment like physiotherapy or limit your ability to work. Today we talk about ways you can extend the working life of your vehicle.

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle 

The average Canadian vehicle is 9.3-years-old and is retired after 320,000 kilometers – how does your car compare?
Over time a car’s parts start to wear or fail and it requires a little more TLC to keep it running efficiently and safely, but regular maintenance can help you put off the expense of a new car by extending the life of your vehicle. The following are some maintenance practices we recommend to extend your vehicles life.
Extending the life of your vehicle
Check your fluid levels
Your car’s various fluids lubricate and protect critical parts and systems including your brakes, power steering, and transmission. By replacing contaminated fluids and maintaining proper fluid levels, you are ensuring these parts and systems are properly lubricated so that they can work efficiently. This helps extend their life and the overall life of your car.
Proactively replace your timing belt according to the mileage stated on your maintenance schedule
Most newer cars have interference engines, which rely on the timing belt to prevent their pistons and valves from colliding. Over time, your timing belt will weaken and wear, and it may eventually break, leading to serious engine damage or engine failure. To proactively avoid these major problems follow the timing belt replacement schedule in your owner’s manual.
Check your suspension system
Worn shocks and struts can reduce your control, increase your stopping distance, wear and damage your tires, and cause a bumpier ride, all of which cause additional wear and tear on your car. By replacing your shocks and struts you can improve vehicle stability and maximize tire to road contact to keep you safe and protect the functioning of your car.
Check your tires and wheels
Uneven wear of your tires or unbalanced wheels can cause added stress on your suspension. Tire rotations and regular tire checks can help you avoid major problems and keep your car running smoothly, longer.


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