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When should I change my tires from winter to summer


  Spring is a season that can be very unpredictable – repeatedly showing its nice side and then just as easily disappearing. For Prairie Drivers in SaskatchewaN, planning when to change from winter to summer tires can be quite the guessing game.

Plus 7 DEGREES CELSIUS is temperature when winter tires should not be driven long distances ON DRY PAVEMENT

When temperatures begin to hit  seven degrees Celsius and higher, it’s a good time to consider switching from winter to summer tires. Summer tires begin to lose some of their grip as the temperature drops below this point, while winter tires begin to wear out and offer less response as the thermometer rises above seven degrees.

BEWARE OF A LATE SNOWFALL this time of year, as it is bound to happen

 It’s safe to say that a winter tire on dry pavement is better than a summer tire in a winter storm. As such, it’s good practice to wait for long-term weather forecast to be in the plus temperature side, before committing to switching your tires over. In Saskatchewan, mid March up to the end of April is normally the season that winter tires are usually changed to summer rubber.

 One tip for that we always recommend to our clients, is to pre-book your appointment for a date that you feel comfortable. Therefor your spot is assured, and you wont be disappointed when trying to book at the last minute.

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