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Why an Engine Flush is so Important!

Today’s oil change intervals are too long for the long term health of your vehicles engine. We are seeing more and more engines failing due to these extended intervals. If you use conventional oil (non synthetic), we recommend an oil change be done every 5000km. If you use synthetic oil, we recommend changing your oil every 8000km (most makes & models).

If the gunk in the engine oil gets too bad, the moving parts in the engine can get gummed up. An engine flush removes the gunk, which keeps the parts running smoothly. That in turn can make the engine more efficient, bringing the power and fuel efficiency closer to what the car had when it was new.

Most oil filters remove particles as small as 25 microns (about 1/1000th of an inch) — but there are particles circulating in your car’s oil that are even smaller — particles that even the newest, best filter can’t keep out of the system. And even tiny little bits like that can cause wear over time. They can also band together to create sludge and deposits.

If these particles become excessive, clean oil alone can’t flush them out. But the chemicals used in an engine flush can — stopping any further wear and giving the new oil a chance to do its job properly.

Our severe climate in Saskatchewan make an engine flush even more beneficial due to condensation in the winter, and the extreme heat we get in our summers.

We recommend that an engine flush be performed once every year or every 20 000km (whichever comes first).

If you have any questions regarding engine flushes, please do not hesitate to contact us.