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What are the Symptoms of Failing Brakes?

You rely on your vehicles brakes to slow or stop your car when you press down on the brake pedal.  Over time, you get to know how your vehicle runs and you'll understand how much time you need to come to a complete stop according to how much pressure you apply to the brake pedal.  However, if you begin to notice that your vehicle starts taking longer to brake, or that there is an annoying squealing sound when braking, these are symptoms not to ignore.  

Finding yourself on the road without working brakes can be scary, and is definitely not a situation that most ever think they'll have to experience - and we don't want you to, either!  The best way to keep your brakes healthy is with regular maintenance and inspections.  There are a number of brake system components that will wear down over time that will need to be replaced, and getting them taken care of before they cause you any major issues will keep you safe on the road.  

It is also important to let to know your brakes and understand when something feels wrong.  Here are some of the symptoms that can indicate an issue with your vehicle's brakes.  

  • The brakes warning light has turned on
  • Strange noises when braking such as squealing, squeaking or grinding
  • Vibrating or pulsating pedal when braking
  • Brake pedal feels spongy or soft
  • Brake pedal goes to the floor
  • Car pulls to one side when braking
  • Brake pedal feels stiff and hard to press

As soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed above, it's important that you get your vehicle into the professionals here at Glenwood Auto Service for an inspection.  Driving with bad brakes can progress quickly, and the sooner we have your brakes restored, the safer you'll be on the road.  The issue could be with a number of different components depending on the symptoms you are experiencing, such as worn brake pads, warped rotors, dirty brake fluid, and more.  

If you need brake repair in Saskatoon, Sk, we invite you to come and see us at Glenwood Auto Service today!